Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hi girls!  I'm back from an AMAZING 5 months in India!  and I have some new do's to share!  Most of them are not 'curly' and will be more what you would think of as 'summer do's' cause most of them are updo's that I wore in India where a normal day is upper 90's low 100's!  I took pics. while I was there so the finished product is from there and taking step by step ones here.  :)
Hope you all enjoy!  :)
This one is a really simple one and so quick to do....
I am big on off-to-the-side do's right now so most of the ones I did in India were that.
For this one I just sectioned off a portion of hair in front and braided it back.  Then pulled the rest of my hair over to the side and twisted it up into a bun and bobby pinned it.  Then wrapped the small braid around the bun and bobbied it!  :)

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