Curly Hair Hints

Here are some ways that I've come across to help increase your curls!  :)
(I have thin hair so you may not get the same ending results depending on your hair type.  But don't get discouraged,  just keep trying things til you find a way that works for your hair!)
*If you have any other ways that you use leave me a comment or e-mail me and I'll add it to the list!
  • Use no to little shampoo.  Shampoo does not help your curl.  Actually it damages it!  Use it as little as possible and when you do only use it on your scalp.
  • Use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash you hair.  It really helps!  I know it sounds weird but I have found this brings out the best curl in my hair.  Here is the process I use when washing my hair...
I condition the ends of my hair.  Then I have a 24 oun. squirt bottle filled with water mixed with 2 T. of baking soda.  I spray it (or you can pour it if your hair is thicker) on my scalp all over til I feel I have enough to get the oils an grease out and scrub it into my roots.  (IF you have thin hair this will work but if your hair is thicker you may actually want to pour it on your hair to get enough on there.)  *Only on my scalp... I do not spray the ends of my hair.
Then I rinse - take a bottle of apple cider vinegar - pour some on my scalp - and let it trickle down to the ends of my hair- then rinse.  *You may or may not do this... You may find it drys your hair out more... If it does then don't do it!  It's all about finding what works best for your curls!  :)
Next I condition all of my hair.  Comb out any tangles, and rinse.
The last rinse I do in cool to cold water to help with frizz.
  • Brushing your hair after your shower is a no no.  It can pull out your curl and create frizz.  I never brush or comb my hair after my shower.  To help with the tangle issue have a comb in your shower and comb out your hair when you have conditioner in before you rinse.  This worked well for me even when I had long hair.
  • To dry your hair don't wrap it up in a towel and never use heat to dry it.  Scrunch your hair with a towel to get the excess water off then add gel and scrunch.  Let you hair air dry or use a diffuser using cool air.  Heat damages the curl.
  • Also, if you have been straightening, using heat to dry your hair, or using shampoo on a regular basis, it may take several weeks before you get your full curl potential. 

Here is a movie I found VERY helpful in getting good curl out of your hair.  She used the baking soda and vinegar method to wash her hair.  My hair is not as curly as hers but I do get a lot more than I used to.  Hope this helps you as well!
(You can mute the movie if you like, she doesn't do any talking just puts the words up on the screen.)

* Note on the baking soda method:  I HIGHLY recommend it.  My hair has never been so healthy or so curly ever before!  There is one thing that you need to know in the transitioning stage.  When you start using the baking soda there will be a week or two that your hair has a greasy look to it.  That's ok!  Your hair is just getting used to the soda!  Once it gets used to it the greasy look will go away and your hair will be really healthy.  So just be prepared to wear a hat for a while!  :)  Trust me, it's worth it!

*Here is an article about baking soda that is also really informative...

*And this site answers a lot of questions curly girls have about frizz, how to cut curly hair, curly bangs, etc... 

All of these things are just tips that can help get your natural God given curl to spring out and become more alive than it ever has been before!  And be healthier than it has before!  But not every curly head is the same!  Experiment and find out what method works best for your hair!  Hope you found these hints helpful!  I'd love to hear from you!  :)