Friday, February 1, 2013

Ok this one I got and get comments on ALL the time when I do it and get asked the same questions here as I did over in India, "Did you do that yourself?  I love that!  Did it take you a long time?"
These pictures don't show it very well but yes you can do it yourself and no it doesn't take long!  Yay!
Now, for those of you with naturally curly hair you may be like me and need to do these braided do's while your hair is still damp.  I have to or else my hair will frizz all over the place!  But for those of you with striaght hair do it dry because it looks better that way.
(I got this hair do idea off Pinterest so I'll post the pic. at the bottom.  It'll show it better than mine.)
Ok, first take your bangs and/or the front section of your hair.... part off a square.  Twist it 2-3 times, bump it up a little and bobby it.
Then, starting on the opposite side, take a small section starting in front, divide into 2 pieces, and do a French Twist (how to video in the 'How to Braids" page above) all the way around to the other side of your head just behind your ear and twist all the way down.  Don't let go or it will untwist!  Now take the end and twist it back, making a spiral and bobby pin it!

Sorry it's not very big!  :{

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